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Dry Eye Assessments



Providing treatment for sore, gritty, uncomfortable eyes

Dry eye syndrome is a common eye condition that when left untreated can cause misery for those that suffer from it. Dry eye syndrome is a multifactorial disease meaning that it is caused and exacerbated by many factors including your eye health, general health, diet, medications and the environment. In many cases dry eye syndrome is closely linked to the presence of Blepharitis. Blepharitis simply means inflammation of the eyelids and refers to a group of conditions that affect the skin, lashes and glands around the eyes. The treatment and management of dry eye syndrome and Blepharitis will depend upon the specific type and severity present and there are many tests and investigative techniques used to fully investigate dry eye syndrome. In doing so our Optometrists are able to tailor a treatment plan best suited to each patient.

Unfortunately, dry eye syndrome is often undiagnosed or is insufficiently treated and the patient continues to experience symptoms. The following symptoms are commonly experienced by people with dry eye syndrome:

  • Dry, itchy, sore, gritty or tired feeling eyes (often getting worse throughout the day).
  • Red eyes.
  • Blurry or misty vision (that often comes and goes as you blink).
  • Watery eyes, especially when in windy environments.
  • Eyelids that stick together on waking.

If you have previously been advised that you have dry eyes or suffer from the above symptoms it is likely you would benefit from a dry eye assessment with one of our Optometrists. So why wait? Book your appointment today.

Images courtesy of Spectrum Thea

Dry Eye Assesment Crusting
Anterior Blepharitis - a condition commonly associated with dry eye disease
Dry Eye Assessment Meibomitis
Meibomian Gland Dysfunction - a common cause of dry eye disease


To book a dry eye assessment or to find out more please get in contact with your local practice.

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