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Hearing Assessments



Helping you make the most of your hearing

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Your Hearing

If you think your hearing may have deteriorated, it is important to have it checked professionally as soon as possible. Our audiologists will be able to advise how you can look after your valuable sense of hearing now and in your future. If your audiologist suspects that you may have a condition that requires medical attention, they will advise you to see a medical specialist and assist you through the process.



Your Hearing Assessment

During the appointment your Audiologist will check the overall health of your ears. A brief medical history will be taken, the health of your ears will then be checked with Otoscopy. Your hearing will then be checked at various pitches and tones; these are played through headphones and your responses will be recorded on an audiogram. The process is painless and the results allow your audiologist to recommend how best to keep your ears healthy and hearing optimal.



What next?

If the full diagnostic hearing assessment performed by your Audiologist detects a hearing loss a range of follow up assessments are then performed to find out how the loss has affected your ability to function in everyday life. This includes assessing your ability to:

  • Understand speech in both quiet and in more challenging, noisy places.
  • Cope with fatigue from wearing a hearing system in a noisy environment for a prolonged period.
  • Respond to the new hearing levels and make sense of words again, assessed through an aided word recognition test.

When a hearing loss is detected the audiologist will provide you with guidance on the next steps possible to protect your remaining hearing, maintain healthy ears and of the options available to enhance your perception of the world around with the use of Hearing Aids and Assisted Listening Devices.



Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible Hearing Aids

Our Audiologist is an expert in all types of hearing aids including the latest invisible designs; Hearing aids so tiny no one will notice you wearing them!



Assisted Listening Devices

Improve your connections with people and the outside world with our Assisted Listening Devices (ALDs). Our wide range of wireless hearing aid accessories make your hearing experience even better. They are designed to work together, seamlessly, with your hearing aids. Our specialist audiologist will help you choose the accessories that fit your lifestyle and hearing needs.



How to book your appointment

Appointments can be booked via email, in person or over the phone. Contact us to find out more and to book your appointment. Our Hearing Care Services are available on selected days at all of our branches. Technical questions about our audiology services or about hearing aids can also be sent by email to .

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