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Linklater-Warren Eye Examination



Your eyes deserve the best.

With combined professional experience of over 100 years our Optometrists have designed the Linklater Warren Eye Examination to provide you with our ultimate assessment of vision and eye health for complete piece of mind.

The Eye Examination

Whether you have a family history of glaucoma, unusual prescription, complex ocular or medical history, we have the skills, experience and latest diagnostic equipment needed to meet your eye care needs.

In additional to the familiar tests performed during a standard sight test the Linklater Warren Eye Examination brings the following benefits:

  • 3D OCT retinal scan – invaluable to the diagnosis of macular conditions (e.g. Age-related Macular Degeneration) and for the early diagnosis of glaucoma.
  • 40 minute consultation.
  • Ocular photography
  • Pachymetry (corneal thickness measurement) – Thinner than average corneas increase the risk of glaucoma whilst thicker than average corneas cause eye pressure measurements to ‘read high’ meaning it is a common cause of unnecessary referral to the hospital eye service.
  • Topography (corneal shape scans) – useful for the diagnosis of corneal dystrophies (such as keratoconus).

The exact content of each Linklater Warren Eye Examination will vary depending upon your individual health, lifestyle and eye care needs but will always include 3D OCT retinal scan and any other test that is necessary to provide you with the most comprehensive and clinically relevant eye examination. All for only £55 (or £30 for those entitled to NHS funded Sight Tests).

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