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Orthoptic Service 



Specialist eyecare for those with binocular vision problems

We are delighted to offer private orthoptic assessments and treatment with our resident orthoptist, Lesley Stuart. Orthoptic consultations are currently available at our Sevenoaks branch, Leslie Warren Opticians. 

What is an orthoptist? 

Orthoptists are health care professionals (registered with the Healthcare Professions Council) who are experts in diagnosing, measuring and treating eye movement disorders and problems with how the eyes work together (binocular vision) in both adults and children.

Orthoptists offer a range of treatments for binocular vision abnormalities which may include eye patches, eye exercises or prism lenses. If surgery or medical treatment is required, the orthoptist will refer onward to the appropriate ophthalmologist (eye doctor/surgeon). 



Who may benefit from seeing an orthoptist? 

Patients (adults and children) who would benefit from seeing an orthoptist include:  

  • Young children with a strong family history of squint (strabismus) and/or lazy eye (amblyopia). 
  • Children found to a lazy eye (amblyopia).  
  • Those with gradual onset, intermittent or worsening double vision (diplopia). 
  • Those with a squint (sometimes called a ‘turn’) that requires further investigations. 
  • Those with reading difficulties, eye strain or blur caused by problems with convergence (the ability to draw our eyes together to view a near target) 
  • Those requiring full eye movement documentation (including electronic Hess screen test) as part of the surgery planning or post-surgery follow up, at the request of an Ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) or Maxillary Facial Surgeons  



What tests will be performed during an Orthoptic Appointment? 

The orthoptist will take a thorough case history prior to any examination. The assessment involves a number of tests to assess how well the eyes work together, looking for any weakness of the eye muscles and measuring the degree of binocular vision present. These tests are not invasive. The initial orthoptic assessment is 1 hour in duration and follow up assessments are either 15 or 30 minutes depending upon clinical need. A detailed report can also be provided if required. 



How to arrange an orthoptic assessment? 

In most cases patients requiring an orthoptist assessment will be informed of this by their optometrist (or ophthalmologist) and will be referred into our orthoptic service following an eye examination/sight test. Once your referral is received a member of the practice team will get in contact to book your appointment.  

Patients that feel they would benefit from an orthoptic assessment but have not recently seen an optometrist/ophthalmologist should, in the first instance, book a Linklater Warren Eye Examination with one of our expert optometrists for a comprehensive check of eye health and to assess for the presence of a glasses prescription (refractive error). If an orthoptic assessment is required, an internal referral will then be made.