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Our patients are invited to pay for their eyecare via small monthly Direct Debit payments. Becoming a Visionplan member is quick, easy and can save you moneyᶧ on your eyecare and eyewear.

Our promise to you…

By becoming a Visionplan member you can access:

VisionPlan Membership
  • Linklater Warren Eye Examinations and other optometric eyecare as often as you need it.
  • Our diagnostic equipment (e.g. 3D OCT eye scans and Optomap Ultrawide retinal imaging) and clinical advice as often as necessary.
  • 15% loyalty discount on spectacles and sunglasses.
  • 10% loyalty discount on eye care products and sundries.
  • 25% discount on orthoptic service appointments.
  • Discounted contact lenses (Visionplan-CL members only).


Visionplan prices:

  • Visionplan (for non-contact lens wearers) £6.75 per month
  • Visionplan-CL (for contact lens wearers) £9.50 per month

For added convenience our contact lens wearing patients have the option of increasing their monthly payment to include their regular shipment of contact lenses and contact lens care solutions.

Visionplan patients that require orthokeratology (a specialist form of contact lens worn overnight) are charged a monthly fee for treatment that includes the ongoing cost of Ortho-K treatment, including the clinical appointments and use of Ortho-K lenses that are necessary to maintain optimal vision correction and minimise the risk of complications. Please contact us for more information.

Annual visionplan payments amount to £81.00 whilst the fee for a Linklater Warren Eye Examination is £90.00 to non-visionplan members. Visionplan members also have access to discounted spectacles and sunglasses.

Visionplan and Visionplan-CL Terms & Conditions

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Becoming a visionplan member is easy and completely hassle free

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